“Pagan Playlist #1” – The Skald’s Lyre

Happy Sif’s Day

Musical Journal:

Well, looking back the last time I wrote about music I was bemoaning a wedding that never took place and the music it might have contained. Since then there have been a couple weeks of other things besides MUsic to talk about so it is probably about time that I got back to it. Music, of course, has a tendency to reflect my feelings.  As I have said many times before if want to fill the gaps between my spoken and written words to know the real me, listen to the music I am listening to as it speaks the unspoken.

In my efforts to make the Pagan Pulpit which appears every Sol’s Day, I started adding a pagan song as the theme song and in the process have discovered a genre of music that I am coming to enjoy listening to from time to time.  There is something that reaches into my spirit and soul with this stuff and taps something long lost to me. Something buried and presumed dead, that this music is reviving inside me.

This music has a quality that is haunting with an air of sadness,  no matter how upbeat it might be.  There is a sadness of loss but at the same time a desire to return to the old ways. To return to the ways of our ancestors out of respect to them. I know I will probably do another playlist as I discover more groups.  For now, what follows is some of the ones I find myself listening to more often and a bonus track to illustrate a point.

Playlist: (with explanation) 

SKALD – Rún:

Basically when you look at the translation of the lyrics on it is about magic and practitioners thereof of old.  It is about awakening the magic that once was. I really like the way this is laid out and played by SKALD.  

English Translation: click here

Einar Selvik – Völuspá:

It is not often that the person who wrote the song and the music performs it and records it.  Better yet in the main video below, he explains it.  The guy has a good set of pipes and that sadness of death and renewal comes out of his voice.

Translation Video:

Live Performance:

Eivør Pálsdóttir: Tròdlabùndin (Trøllabundin):

I don’t care who you are if you don’t think this shows a talented female singer, you are out of your damn mind. The song is about being spellbound.

English Translation: click here

Alchemical Poetry – Song of Odin (A Cappella):

Love this one, talented guy.

Wardruna – Viking War Song – Fehu:

Powerful war song, but you can still hear that deep spiritual sadness.

Bonus Tracks:

Ly O Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance) ~ Native Song

I include a Native American track for a lot of reasons, but mostly to ask the questions of why all pagan music these days has that element of sadness and haunting to it.  Perhaps it is because so many pagans have felt the sting of conquest.  Of people just trying to defend their spiritual way of life against the rising tide of religions who sought to ‘convert’ them and subjugate them.  That sadness can’t help but come out in their music.

FAUN – Walpurgisnacht

Just for fairness though, this is a pretty upbeat pagan song, but it focuses on a holiday – Beltaine to be exact. It’s hard to be down on a holiday that celebrates the return of spring and has lots of wild activities.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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