The Rabyd Skald Posts

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The Rabyd Skald Posts are not a series or a regular feature.  What they are is the kind of post that fills a gap.  They are when I want to pass on information to my readers, when  I want to rant or when I want to get a little personal. They fill a gap when needed and represent some more personal moments.  They are page organized like almost everything else except I won’t just organize them into three-month blocks.  The time frame is a little depends on how many of them are written.  I will try to keep it around fifteen posts per sub page.  Like all things involving this type of post – flexibility is a kept word.

There is also a page of one ‘regular’ feature of The Rabyd Skald – The Grey and The Wayfarer.   This is where I talk about my walk and battle with depression.  It will have its own page I think for obvious reasons.

The Grey and The Wayfarer

The Rabyd Skald Posts – 2018

The Rabyd Skald Posts – January to March 2019