The Pagan Pulpit

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The pagan pulpit is a pagan service of sorts much like a church service.  Once upon a time I was a Christian pastor and one thing I enjoyed right to the end was putting together a service.  I also enjoyed and had a reputation for preaching that was relevant and with enough entertainment quality that it kept people awake.

Since leaving the ministry for good; I have noticed I do miss this part of it.  I also need an outlet for my music lists, poems, pearls of wisdom and rants/sermons I used to do on the now erased Rabyd Microphone.  The Pagan Pulpit is my ascending the steps once more and letting loose with my passion for what resonates with my soul and spirit.  If you are inspired or encouraged because of it – bonus.

Below are the links to the page with all the posts for 2018 and then by each three months of the pulpit. Enjoy.

The Pagan Pulpit – 2018

The Pagan Pulpit – January to March 2019