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Odin’s Eye is about religion, spirituality, theology and faith.  It is in some senses my own struggles with all those subjects.  In here, you will find posts on my former faith of Christianity and why I walked away.  You will find in here my continuing struggles with what to have faith in if anything at all beyond humanity.  You will see discussions on Deism, Humanism and Paganism as I define them as they are where I am currently in my struggles and I will say that they might not always be so.  The one great freedom of no longer being a ‘man of god’ following a specific religion is that I can change these views based on reason and wisdom over time.

This page and the posts connected to is take their name from the legend where Odin gives up his eye for knowledge. A sacrifice that leads him to have a better understanding of what he needs to know. A principle that i still draw a lot of wisdom from and has become somewhat of a famous line from the Series Vikings in a Ragnar Quote:

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I get what he is saying and the kind of knowledge sought here is a little more difficult than just engaging reason.  Reason, as valuable as it is, has an end or a limit to what it can do.  There are other capacities of mankind that also reach out to the world and try to discover truth and knowledge.  That is what Odin’s Eye is an attempt to engage.

Below are the links to the other pages, which also includes my four major theological objections to Christianity.

My Four Theological Objections to Christianity

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