Of Wolves and Ravens

“It’s OK to Feed the Wolves, but Listen to the Ravens First”

Of Wolves and Ravens is actually about philosophy.  My Philosophy.  It is about engaging my humanity on various issues.  Humanity to me being composed of need, want, reason and wisdom.  It takes its inspiration from Norse mythology with the wolves Geri (Need), Freki (Want) and the Ravens Huginn (Reason) and Muninn (Wisdom).  At the end of the 2018, I established a pattern of sorts for Of Wolves and Ravens to keep me moving and so I stay of my soap boxes. Much of it is discussion of Virtue and then other issues regarding philosophy.

Week 1 – Nine Noble Virtues and The Higher Virtues

Week 2 – Honor and Eastern Philosophy

Week 3 – Courage and Western Philosophy

Week 4 – Truth and Love

Week 5 – Self Reliance and Minimalism

Week 6 – Industriousness and Economics

Week 7 – Hospitality and Justice

Week 8 – Discipline and Political Science

Week 9 –  Perseverance and Libertarianism

Week 10 – Fidelity and Wisdom

I am also providing links here to the sub pages which will organized by year and then three month sections. Exception is 2018 where this blog only existed for three months anyway.


Of Wolves and Ravens – 2018

Of Wolves and Ravens – January to March 2019