A Skald’s Life – Business Virtues – Forks in The Road (Part 2)

Happy Wooden’s (Odin’s) Day

Journal Entry:

The majority of my decision involving forks in the road are in my Business Virtues area. I am not just looking for a new job, but a new career path.  I have some options that will run together. But the major options require a concentration of effort and I can’t do two at once.

I don’t think writing will ever leave my life.  The more I look at my personality type and read about it the one thing becomes crystal clear – I can express my feelings far better in written form than speaking them.  I actually have a hard time expressing my feelings by speaking about them.  I can write about them with an ease that is often shocking even to me.  Writing as a career path will thus always be there if I write something worth publishing.

Business fits me as it is a very broad area to have a career.  Given my experience, and education Human Resources seems to be the best fit and that is the direction I have been going. Business simply provides the extra money I am going to need in the short amount of years I have left to achieve some of my goals.

I could always ‘retire’ later on to be a teacher in a college at the end of things as I am pretty sure I will continue my education at some point. I just don’t see myself doing nothing.  At the very least, if the writing takes off, I will continue to do that right up until they burn me and scatter my ashes.


“Self-Reliance is the spirit of independence, which is achieved not only for the individual but also for the family, clan, tribe, and nation.”

Principle: To achieve and maintain personal independence and advocate for independence in my family, state and nation.

Goal:  Find a new, better paying job by the end of June 2019 or before.

Bucket List: To own and run my own successful business or company.

This fork is coming up very quickly and it is not so much a matter of direction as it is a location.  I am torn on a more emotional level about where to live these days than what career direction I need to have. From the standpoint of self-reliance, I need more emotional support.

I know that sounds backward, but my list of friends has gotten really short. I need to build a new group of friends and relationships and I don’t want to do that until I know what job I am doing long term and where I am going to live. Where to live is the big question, but one thing I know for sure, it can’t be where I am now.  There is too much pain associated with this place now for me to stay here.  I really undercut my confidence at times and confidence is key in self-reliance.


“Industriousness is the willingness to work hard, always striving for efficiency, as a joyous activity in itself”

Principle: Work with the enjoyment of work itself.

Goal: Finalize last requirements for my degree – Internship by May 2019

Bucket List: Write A Novel and Get it Published.

This is about vocation, not a job to me.  I think being a writer is a vocation to me, I just need to make it pay. I think business will be a good vocation for me as at the end of the day I can shut it off and go home. Much better than the old career I had. I want something I can enjoy and is part of my life, not my whole existence. I can always work hard if there is a life aim that I am shooting for and the job doesn’t become the life aim.


“Hospitality is the willingness to share what one has with one’s fellows, especially when they are far from home.”

Principle: To share out of my abundance to help people where I can with their life’s journey.

Goal: By March 31st of 2020, to be the leader of a support group of some kind.

Bucket List: To own my own home by March 2024.

I want to still help people through their problems. I also don’t want their problems to drag me down.  Hospitality is about compassion and helping not self-abandonment.

Higher Virtue – Justice:

I just wrote about justice yesterday so you can go back and see that.  Today I will just say that writing about it cleared my head quite a bit and I feel much better where I stand.

 Daily Routine:

  1. Wife: Communication / Cuddle Time
  2. Blogging – Organize, revise, write a new post for the next day, 15 min. work on fiction.
  3. Reading – half-hour. Priority order: work, school, pleasure
  4. Study / Homework / Research: half hour per day minimum or until all necessary work is completed.
  5. Personal Business: record financial transactions, savings plan actions, budgeting, appointments, other.
  6. Check Communications and Email after 2 pm but before 4 pm.
  7. Weekly Routine Items
  8. Nutrition: Daily Carb Count – 2

I like this one, I just need to be more consistent.  I think I have just reached a point of weariness with the semester and want it over.

Still walking,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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