“Wayfarer’s Wells – Part 2” – A Skald’s Life – Business Virtues.

Happy Thor’s Day! 

Journal Entry:

Continuing with the analogy of wells in regards to the bucket list under Business, these are about gaining some accomplishment and rest in the area od career.  Particularly the career fo being a writer. The thing is I have to get going on this writing thing in a far more disciplined manner and it will happen I think.  There is also the thought of having a place of my own where I have my point zero from which the rest of my wanderings proceed.

To have a published writing career, finish a novel and get it published and have a home to call my own. These are goals that speak of rest times where I can look back and say – I did it and have the comfort of a home to do it from.


“Self-Reliance is the spirit of independence, which is achieved when each person is their own master and no one else’s’ .”

Principle: To walk in the spirit of independence by being my own master and no one else’s

Goal:  Find a new, better paying job by March 2020.

Bucket List: To be a published author of at least five books by March 2029

This is my writing career goal and I have one less year now.  I need to get going and produce a book for publication every two years at a minimum.


“Industriousness is the willingness to work hard, always striving for efficiency, as a joyous activity in itself”

Principle: Work with the enjoyment of work itself.

Goal: Finalize last requirements for my degree – Internship by May 2019 – May 2019 (achieved)

Bucket List: Write A Novel and Get it Published by March 2022.

I actually have an idea for a novel rolling in my head and it is really good.  I just need to sit down and put it on paper. The real problem is I need to make progress on my non-fiction book to get it done in the next two months.


“Hospitality is the willingness to share what one has with one’s fellows, especially when they are far from home.”

Principle: To share out of my abundance to help people where I can with their life’s journey.

Goal: By March 31st of 2020, to be the leader/participant in a group of some kind.  (Goal Achieved

Bucket List: To own my own home by March 2024.

I don’t want a big fancy place, Just one that is comfortable and private with no nosy or prying neighbors. Just a place of my own to shut out the rest of the world when I need to do so.

Higher Virtue – Justice:

I am trying to get justice for myself. I am trying to get it by having a second more successful career as a writer and teacher/professor. It would be the best way to look back at those that wished me ill and acted on that wish and give them the middle finger and say – ‘still here and better than ever.”

Work Day Routine:

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Wife: Communication / Cuddle Time
  3. Blogging – Organize, revise, write a new post for the next day, templates
  4. Weightlifting: Gym time – 1 hour after work.
  5. Writing: 1000 words/day.
  6. Reading – 1/7 of a book a day
  7. Personal Business: record financial transactions, savings plan actions, budgeting, appointments, job search, other actions, etc.
  8. Check Communications and Email after 2 pm but before 4 pm.

Good.  I need to actually do it more.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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