The Book of Rabyd – Introduction

Happy Sun’s Day

This is the beginning of a revision of a project I called The Book Of Rabyd.  Over the coming months you will see each verse of The Book of Rabyd first be preached about in the Pagan Pulpit and then slimmed down and revised again here in The Book of Rabyd posts.

In life I have heard a lot of things.  I have also pondered, thought, felt and experienced life.  I have loved so deeply that it has led me to mountain tops and the lowest valleys of emotion.  I have tried to act in justice to the point where I have fought tyranny in my own life and in the lives of others. I have above all tried to live a wise life full of balance between love and justice with varying degrees of success and failure.

Along the way I collected in my head a list of Life Principles, Points of Wisdom and a few Family Sayings.  The Book of Rabyd is my attempt to categorize these and place them into an organized form for future generations to read.  The original version appears here: The Book of Rabyd (All Things Rabyd)

It was written in this form from February 2015 to July 2015.  It needs revising. Mostly my faith and religion of the time need to be removed and everything needs to take on a more inclusive form.  Because of this there is going to be some of the parts of The Book of Rabyd that will be deleted. Others will experience wholesale revision and others will be left alone and continue to stand.

The Book is divided into three sections: Life Principles, Points of Wisdom and Family Sayings.

Life Principles are things that are the core to what I believe is effective life philosophy.  I have found them to be true the vast majority of the time and form the highest level of the hierarchy of The Book of Rabyd.  They are the core and everything flows from them.

Points of Wisdom are wise sayings that I have collected over the years that resonate with me.  Like all wise sayings they have their limits and require wisdom in understanding them and applying them to life. They have been found by me to be rather helpful in navigating life and I felt they should be passed along.

Family Sayings are simply that.  Things various family members have said that resonate with truth and are worth passing on to the next generation.  Some of them are from family members that are dead; so there is a preservation of memory attached to this as well.  This was actually the unfinished part of the original The Book of Rabyd that was still in progress.

In truth, the entire book is not a closed canon.  It always subject to review, mediation and debate. Over the coming months I plan on preaching it one verse at a time.  There will be a second post (This One: titled simply – The Book of Rabyd) on Sun’s Day in the afternoon that will be The Book of Rabyd in its pure, non-Pagan Pulpit form.  In the end my hope is to have a more compete version in a few months.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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