The Rabyd Skald – Fiction Plans

Happy Tyr’s Day

In the last Rabyd Skald I mentioned my fiction writing plans were in the works and I want to follow-up on that by getting them a little formalized.  When people ask me why I write fiction, my response is pretty much that of all the writing I do, it is the most  therapeutic.  I have written fiction for release of anger, an expression of love, help in fighting depression and just about every other emotional release you can think of I have written fiction as a way to express it.

I also find fiction as a better way to teach concepts to people in the form of educational entertainment. Stories get into people’s heads faster than lectures. Professors are ignored at times but a story-teller they get attention even from the greatest skeptic and if you can slip in lesson that might contain wisdom people can use, so much the better.

As with all things on this blog, it tends to get done if I make a pattern or order to it and I am figuring my fiction writing is no exception.  Part of my daily blogging routine, really the last part of it, is to spend about a half hour writing fiction.  But what to write?  At the present time a short but incomplete list might be:

  1. The Grey Wayfarer Serial – based on Norse mythology.
  2. Rogue Wizard – another serial based on me as a main character but in an alternate timeline from my real life and where magic is very real.
  3. Skald Tales and Poems – This is going to be a type of post where I either write a short story or poem.  Mostly I want to challenge myself with these two things. I have hard time doing things that are short and concise and this should be a good exercise in doing just that,

There may be some other things that join this list but I want to make sure I will be consistent with them before I do add them.  Some ideas are for a science fiction series of some sort. I also want to toy with the idea o something similar to the Theology Pub from All Things Rabyd, but with my change in my belief system, it would be different in nature and probably different characters.  I am not sure of the setting either.  Maybe a mead hall or Inn of some sort with a Skald and a Bartender being the main characters.

As far as pages go for each of my fictional works they don’t tend to get organized by time so much as chapters (usually groups of twenty) for serials.  Skald Tales and Poems will probably be organized into Tales and Poems as two separate categories and then perhaps genre after there are greater numbers of both.  Time will tell on that one.

I want to thank those of you that come here regularly either on WordPress or Facebook.  You are great.  Maybe someday you can say you knew me when.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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