“Senior Captain” – Space Tramp – Chapter 18 (Megatraveller Fan Fiction)

Happy Tyr’s Day!

Just a reminder this will be a week of fiction instead of the normal posts. Enjoy your holiday presents readers.


Jeremiah sat at a table and was longing for the moment that this whole oral examination process was over.  He had been drilled all day long by Senior Captians in the Free Trader Guild and quite frankly he was getting tired and all he wanted at the moment was a stiff drink and a warm willing woman.  The Naked Gypsy was calling to him, no mistake.  As he reveled in these thoughts the door open once again and female Senior Captain who he had never seen before came in and sat down across from him. She smiled.

‘Congratulations Captian Kilwood, you can now claim the rank of Senior Captain.  Welcome aboard.”

She handed him his new insignia which was basically a circle of five pips with another pip in the center.  It was the highest rank in the Free Traders. He had done it the fastest anyone can and a feeling of pride filled his heart.  Not bad for a poor orphan boy from Strouden.

This was a great way to end a fairly interesting year.  Not a dangerous one but technically challenging.  The Countess had him basically shuttling her across the Spinward Marches conducting various points of business and even though they did keep the ship operating at times; there were other times she simply didn’t want the hassle so they just traveled with no cargo or passengers.

The real issue was the fact they spent a lot of time in a spaceport and in low orbit so repairs and such were done in vacc suits and for the first time, Jeremiah could say he learned how to handle one a little better.

During this time he worked on learning how to be his own broker for transactions so he could save on commissions for transactions as a Trader.  He still turned a tidy profit despite the Countess’s not always running for-profit stance for the voyage. He had still personally put money aside for his starship by at times acting as a Broker for others in their transactions.

Promoted he stood and shook his fellow Senior Captian’s hand and then exited the Free Trader headquarters on Regina.  He started the short walk to The Naked Gypsy.  When he arrived he was greeted by old friends, Several Captians he had served including Captian Juros who simply beamed with pride. Even the Countess was there looking awkward in a place that was a little less high society than she was used to.  The party was pretty grand for the Gypsy and the free drinks, at the expense of the Senior Captains, flowed.

After several hours the crowd started to die down until he found himself with a few close friends and then once they left, he headed upstairs to the brothel part of The Gypsy. He discovered with not too much surprise that his fee had been paid for the evening and Anabelle the Madam herself was his for the evening.  She smiled at him and took him by the hand leading him to her room.  During their evening’s activities, she told him she was now available to him whenever he wished. A service provided for Senior Captains along with a discounted fee for the other girls. he was already enjoying the perks of his new rank and it made him smile.

He now faced the task of finishing up his fifth and probably the last term of service.  Three years to go and he would muster out, claim a ship and go into business for himself. It was his last goal and he could now see it coming to pass.

Megatraveler Notes:


Free Trader Captain Jeremiah Kilwood

Rank: O5 – Captain   Terms Served: 4

UPP: A67A84   Age: 34  Homeworld: Strouden UWP: A-745988-D N Hi In

Skills: Pilot – 2, Navigation – 2, Engineering – 1, Sensor Ops – 1, Legal – 1, Liaison- 2, Brawling-1, Carousing – 1, Small Blade-1, Trader-2, Turret Weapons-1, Streetwise – 1, Zero-G Combat-1, Handgun – 1, Grav Vehicle – 0, Computer – 0, Vacc Suit – 0

Brownie Points: 8, Bonus Money: 112,500 Cr.

Year Seventeen:

Roll for position availability: 8  + 1 for Intelligence = 9 – position available, serves as Captain.

Roll for assignment: 8 + 1 for Social 5- = 9 – Charter Trade Assignment

Survival Roll: 6  – Survives easily.

Skill Roll: 7 – Skill acquired.

Bonus:  5 + 1 for Trader-2 – 6 – No Bonus.

Promotion: Rolls 8 – Promoted to Senior Captain

Roll for Skills: (2 total – 1 for skill roll, 1 for promotion) – Rolls on Free Trader Service  Table: 3 – Broker -1.  Removes Streetwise -1 as it is already a default under Liason.  Rolls Free Trader Business Table: 5 – Exploratory Csasacade: Picks Vacc Suit-1, Removes Sensor Ops to maintain skill level limit as Sensor Ops is also a Default under Navigation.  This has to be done to stay under Jeremiah’s current 18 skill levels limit.

Gaines 1 Brownie point of the Promotion


Free Trader Captain Jeremiah Kilwood

Rank: O6 – Senior Captain   Terms Served: 4

UPP: A67A84   Age: 35  Homeworld: Strouden UWP: A-745988-D N Hi In

Skills: Pilot – 2, Navigation – 2, Engineering – 1, Legal – 1, Liaison- 2, Brawling-1, Carousing – 1, Small Blade-1, Trader-2, Broker-1, Turret Weapons-1, Zero-G Combat-1, Handgun – 1, Vacc Suit- 1, Grav Vehicle – 0, Computer – 0

Brownie Points: 9, Bonus Money: 112,500 Cr.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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