“Captain Kilwood” – Space Tramp – Chapter 14

Happy Sif’s Day!


Jeremiah stared at the five pips on his shoulders in the mirror and felt a surge of pride.  He had done it, achieved Captain rank at the earliest possible time one could at age 31.  The exam had not posed any problems and he was given an oral review by several captains. When all was said and done, he was lead to a ceremony where he was presented with his Captian pips and congratulated by the Captains who reviewed him.  He was still trying to take it all in.

This last year had been a simple route assignment, but the captain, one Nathan Briggs, of the far trader The Jasmine Hopper was determined to give his 1st Officer Jeremiah Kilwood a full experience by not only placing him on the bridge to be his Pilot and Navigator, but he also handled all duties involving cargo (buying and selling it) and securing passengers for each voyage.  This brought him into contact with a lot of various types of people, administration and those trying to move their cargo.  He was Captain in many respects in all but name this last year.

He learned a lot about the business wend of running a starship and it was a good route assignment but not as profitable as he had hoped so No bonus. But he wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. He kept the staterooms and low berth cold sleep beds full.  They always had cargo.  he navigated the customs agents like he navigated the stars and his experience with dock workers helped with the cargo issues.

Jeremiah had made a couple decisions as well. Firstly, he decided to forgo starting to take anagathic drugs to slow down the aging process.  The expense would cut into his ability to get a Starship and he figured he was still in great shape and could start taking them later if he wished. The second decision was to commit himself to full retirement which would provide a pension if he served a couple more terms.

Right now though the moment was overwhelming as he stepped out of the Free Trader Guild Headquarters and headed for The Naked Gypsy.  He had done it – made captain and now Captain Jeremiah Kilwood wanted to celebrate.  When he arrived at the Gypsy he recognized a whole lot of old comrades from various ships and sure enough, there was a party planned in his honor.

Drinks flowed and he had a hard time drinking so much so he sometimes poured it aside into a plant or another person’s drink when they were not looking.  Even so, he still was not exactly clear-headed halfway through the night.

Captain Juros had come in form her retirement home in the country and hugged him properly and said she was so proud of him.  When he checked his messages, there were several congratulating him from old shipmates as well as the Countess who was on Regina at the time and saw the announcement.  She apparently still kept tabs on him.

Eventually, the evening wore on to the point people went home and he found himself ready for his annual ritual of heading to the brothel.  He found however that he didn’t have to pay as madam Anabelle took him by the hand and lead him to her room for the evening – on the house.

He woke the next morning with her naked body still entwined with his.  His thoughts turned quickly to his finding a starship owner who needed a captain.  This would be his new life now and it filled him with a little fear and excitement.  Being in charge of a starship himself for the very first time.  From a promotion standpoint, there was only one left, and that was becoming Senior Captain and he wouldn’t be eligible for that until next term. For now, he kissed Anabelle ever so gently and began running his hands along her back, he was still young enough for a second round this morning.

Megatraveler Notes:


Free Trader 1st Officer Jeremiah Kilwood

Rank: O4 – 1st Officer   Terms Served: 3

UPP: A67A84   Age: 30  Homeworld: Strouden UWP: A-745988-D N Hi In

Skills: Pilot – 2, Navigation – 2, Engineering – 1, Sensor Ops – 1, Legal – 1, Liaison- 1, Carousing – 1, Small Blade-1, Turret Weapons-1, Streetwise – 1, Zero-G Combat-1, Handgun – 1, Grav Vehicle – 0, Computer – 0, Vacc Suit – 0

Brownie Points: 6, Bonus Money: 52,500 Cr.

Year Thirteen:

Roll for position availability:  7 + 1 for Intelligence = 8 – position available, serves as 1st Officer

Roll for assignment: 6 + 1 for Social 5- = 7 –   Route Assignment

Survival Roll:  5 – Survives.

Skill Roll: 7 – Skill acquired.

Roll for Promotion: 9 – promoted to Captain.

Bonus:  5 –  No Bonus.

Roll for Skills: (2 for skill roll and promotion) – Rolls on Officer Skills: 6 – Liason-2, Rolls Free Trader Service: 4 – Economic Cascade: picks Trader-1

1 Brownie Point for promotion:


Free Trader Captain Jeremiah Kilwood

Rank: O5 – Captain   Terms Served: 3

UPP: A67A84   Age: 31  Homeworld: Strouden UWP: A-745988-D N Hi In

Skills: Pilot – 2, Navigation – 2, Engineering – 1, Sensor Ops – 1, Legal – 1, Liaison- 2, Carousing – 1, Small Blade-1, Trader-1, Turret Weapons-1, Streetwise – 1, Zero-G Combat-1, Handgun – 1, Grav Vehicle – 0, Computer – 0, Vacc Suit – 0

Brownie Points: 6, Bonus Money: 52,500 Cr.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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