Crossing Bifrost – Introduction

Happy Saturn’s Day. It is the 10th Night of Yuletide.  Today is sacred to Sunna, goddess of the Sun and Light. It is about the celebration of the return of the sun more and more each day until Midsummer. Today we remember the higher virtue of Justice. That is light bringing out the truth, so that we can be just. 

I suppose it is fitting that the day I begin this series is also the day of Yuletide that celebrates the goddess of the sun Sunna or Sol. I have decided to call this regular feature that considers Norse Mythology: “Crossing Bifrost”.  The Bifrost Bridge being the burning rainbow bridge (rainbows being created by light from the sun) that connected Midgard (earth) with Asgard (the realm of the gods) in Norse Mythology. The idea is to travel across this bridge into the world of Norse Mythology and in so doing learn something of value.

With this regular feature in place there is a kind of trifecta of sorts to my thinking each week.  Of Wolves and Ravens considers philosophy and in particular my philosophy.  Odin’s Eye Considers the issues of Spirituality and Religion and in particular my spirituality. Now Crossing Bifrost will be about my thoughts on Norse Mythology and what we can learn as people from those myths.

Religion and mythology are created by men for various reasons.  I would say a couple of these reasons are 1) to teach principles a culture deems important and 2) give examples of those principles in story.  People resonate with stories far faster than lectures.

A word of warning, I am no expert on Norse mythology. Far from it. I actually am doing this series to help my own understanding and knowledge of the subject. I do however have a lot of experience in looking at stories and drawing the moral meaning out of them.  I will probably make some mistakes because of my ignorance. If so, and someone out there knows better than I, feel free to correct me.  I am taking the role of learner with this series and perhaps moral commentator from time to time and not necessarily teacher.

I will of course write this series with a main goal of your entertainment and enjoyment.  Hopefully, we all will learn something each week and more importantly apply something of virtue and value to our lives.  Stories should teach lessons and I feel Norse Mythology does do that. I hope you enjoy it.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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