“Perseverance, Atheism, and Asatru” – Of Wolves and Ravens – Perseverance

Happy Mani’s Day


Perhaps the most challenging thing for me and perseverance is that I can take it for granted. I keep getting up and moving on regardless of how hard I get knocked down. The problem with this is I don’t always learn lesson associated with getting knocked down as I take it for granted I will jsut get back up.

Being relentless is an Asatru virtue. Continuing despite obstacles and opposition until the goal is reached.  No retreat, no surrender, death or glory.  This is probably them ost all or nothing philosophical viewpoint I have because of the fact that now as an atheist I realize that it is essential or life simply stops.

There will be a final opponent that will truly beat me. It is the last breath and last battle that we all have fear about in the end.  My goal is to face it knowing this last thing may have knocked me down for the last time, but from a standpoint of all my other battles, I got up and kept going. Without a god, the only one that can keep me going is myself – period.  Others can encourage, but it is up to me to keep going.

To the Wolves and Ravens:

“Feed the Wolves, but Listen to the Ravens first.”

Needs (Geri):

I think the need for perseverance is obvious.  You stop without it.  Sometimes this can be figurative or literal but the main issue is that with perseverance, you will continue as long as you are able to continue.

Wants (Freki):

I would also say that perseverance leads to the quality of being unbeatable. That is no defeat ever stops you from trying again to finding a different way. Is a person who lives perseverance ever really defeated?

Reason (Huginn):

Of course, each defeat has a lesson and this is where I often fail to grasp it.  I jsut get up and don’t really think about why I fell in the first place.  If I did give this some thought, I might find myself knocked own less often. I might be able to avoid it in the first place.

Wisdom (Muninn):

The wisdom side of perseverance is not directly beneficial to me, it is about those who watch me.  I never want my kids, grandkids, friends or even enemies to ever see me quit.  Ever. One the one hand those that love me will draw inspiration from me and me from them. As for my enemies, may it remind them constantly how relentless I can be and I will refuse to submit or give up.  Fight me knowing you have to destroy me. Beating me will not be enough.


I find perseverance the virtue of Asatru that is most natural to me.  It has its pitfalls because of this, but I embrace it fully.  It has in many ways become part of my personality.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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