“Spectre” – Rogue Wizard – The Fire of Fury – Part 20

Happy Sol’s Day!

Rogue Wizard’s Journal – October 31st, 2019 – Halloween

We have survived our first attack by the Death Angels.  Halloween is always a mixed blessing for me and playing into that is the convergence of the spiritual world and this one that makes life difficult.  The necromancers of the Death Angels are going to have an advantage tonight and they used it because it is clear they know where we are.

A couple hours ago they sent some various forms of the undead to attack us and we fought them off. The first wave was zombies and skeletons probably raised to life from some local cemetery.  They were probably more difficult to kill because of what night it is, but all three of us are experienced with these creatures of nightmare and they pretty much are burned ashes to us now.  My fire is definitely a lot hotter and more deadly with the tattoo.   My shields are what really did it though.  There is an effect not just of protection now but it seemed to burn these undead creatures a little as they attacked it.

The next wave was far more difficult as it was some ghouls (strong bastards) and a Spectre.  In the course of that battle, the girls were handling the ghouls and I drew the Spectre.  Specters are raised from mages.  In a sense, they are an undead mage and that makes them fucking dangerous. They are the nightmares that were the inspiration of Tolkien’s black riders.

This one was wielding a sword that put my shields to the test quite a bit.  But whatever enchantment was woven into the ink of my tattoo for my fire it is once again deadly to undead in ways I hadn’t expected.  Either that it is tapping into the crossover of worlds tonight as well.  Regardless I was able to hold it off for some time while the girls took care of the ghouls.  Tne we combined our efforts on the spectre and between the flames fo Amber and myself, burned it back to oblivion.

We torched the skeletons, zombies, and ghouls too and soon there was a nice little bonfire beside the cabin.  The cabin is a little worse for wear now too.  Several windows are gone and we had to put out a few small fires. Lunette seems sad as probably part of her memories has been scarred and there is a good possibility we will have to leave here and never come back.

The thing we are all curious about is why the Death Angels haven’t attacked as well. The answer probably lays in what the council’s objective is for us and what strength the Death Angels have.  The re is one theory that they are a very small group sent only in the most special of cases, so the one we saw might be the only one and he is basically sending other forces he can conjure up waiting for reinforcements.

Or these last two rounds were trying to soften us up.  Wait.   … Lunette says there is movement near the sauna and one of my wards just went off in a fiery explosion.  This may be it.  I need to go.  Hopefully, there will be another entry.

Writer’s Notes:

Magic in writing is a bugaboo.  Mostly because even though in writing you could do what you want with magic, it isn’t much fun if it is basically an all-powerful stick. It also helps if your magical system is consistent.  My magical system in this series is basically one of the very specific schools of magic and usually a mage in only capable of being good at one of them.  In the case of the Rogue wizard, he is expert in two, abjuration (protective spells) and evocation (aggressive spells like fire, ice, and lightning.  He is average in divination too but dislikes using it.  His advanced nature is not due so much to ability as to an unfettered learning process. 

Emotionally we are coming down to a very emotional climax.  As I am looking at where this series might end, I am thinking before the end fo December.  At that point, I will take a breath for a couple weeks and new year will start something new.  

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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