“You Can’t Go Back” – A Skald’s Life – Business Virtues

Happy Thor’s Day!

Journal Entry:

As I have started developing the discipline of being a writer, the reading parts are coming along fairly well.  It is the writing that is more time crunching and I think it is going to necessitate a change between workdays and rest days as to how much I write. it isn’t that 2000 words is a difficult goal, but it is time-consuming on a day I work, workout and then try to do the business of my life.   This is why I have fallen down a few times on days I work in getting that word count or even writing at all as life on a day I work can take a lot of time when the family needs you or you need to do other things.

I think the answer is to drop to 1000 words (about a blog post of extra work on a workday and then do 3000 on a rest day. This may fall short of my tentative goal of 60,000 by the end of November but you never know on rest days I might do more if inspired. I am also not going to try to make up missed work.  I find that is more frustrating in the long run and the best course of action is to pick where you are, make adjustments and then get moving. Looking back is never a good way to go.

Another thing I have been considering is doing 2-3 projects at once.  I should have taken this lesson from the blog because as people should notice I vary my content as far as the subject so I don’t get bored with one thing.  It is this shifting that has been very effective in keeping me blogging over the years I have done it. I may have to apply this to my writing as well.  perhaps 3-4 items that I rotate like the blog so I can do fiction and non-fiction at the same time.  This may slow down getting a book done every month or two but in the end, it will keep me writing every day which is the main thing.


“Self-Reliance is the spirit of independence, which is achieved not only for the individual but also for the family, clan, tribe, and nation.”

Principle: To achieve and maintain personal independence and advocate for independence in my family, state and nation.

Goal:  Find a new, better paying job by March 2020.

Bucket List: To be a published author of at least five books by March 2029

The job search has entered the long term frustrating part.  I get more and more rejections and still no interview at all.  I decided to use The Clergy Project and their ’employee help’ grant to see if I can get some help.  I don’t like getting help from a personality point of view but sometimes you need to go there. Using the resources at one’s disposal is self-reliant. Still, I would rather do it on my own personality.


“Industriousness is the willingness to work hard, always striving for efficiency, as a joyous activity in itself”

Principle: Work with the enjoyment of work itself.

GoalFinalize last requirements for my degree – Internship by May 2019 – May 2019 (achieved)

Bucket List: Write A Novel and Get it Published by March 2022.

Goal Achieved.


“Hospitality is the willingness to share what one has with one’s fellows, especially when they are far from home.”

Principle: To share out of my abundance to help people where I can with their life’s journey.

Goal: By March 31st of 2020, to be the leader/participant in a group of some kind.  (Goal Achieved

Bucket List: To own my own home by March 2024.

Goal Achieved.

Higher Virtue – Justice:

It is nice to look at this set of three goals and see only one left.  True, the most significant one, but I can’t help have a gut feeling that this one is a significant life changer. It will greatly change how I deal with life and people and I know that. I am just not sure everyone will like the job and career path I want to follow now.  Particularly those of Christian and religious persuasion.

Work Day Routine:

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Wife: Communication / Cuddle Time
  3. Blogging – Organize, revise, write a new post for the next day, templates
  4. Weightlifting: Gym time – 1 hour after work.
  5. Writing: 1000 words/day.
  6. Reading – 1/7 of a book a day
  7. Personal Business: record financial transactions, savings plan actions, budgeting, appointments, job search, other actions, etc.
  8. Check Communications and Email after 2 pm but before 4 pm.
  9. Nutrition: Daily Carb Count – 2

I think the change will make the writing part a little less daunting on very busy workdays.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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