Crossing Bifrost – The Norse World: Vanaheim

Happy Sun’s Day

Basically the Home of Vanir.  I will probably do a different post of the fact that the Vanir and Aesir gods are different gods but the mythology joins them at some point so they are one and Vanaheim, the realm of the Vanir, becomes part of Asgard the realm of the Aesir.  The gods associated with the Vanir tend to be fertility and nature gods and goddesses and their realm reflects that. Except for the only thing we really have to go on is that the ending of the word removes the boundary which indicated Vanaheim might be a little less civilized and wild.

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What we have is a realm were the Vanir who are mostly fertility an nature gods and goddess would feel at home.  Wild and untamed in some ways where they could play, enjoy the natural beauty of their realm and as fertility gods and goddesses – make love.

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As a writer, you can see elements in other literature of a wild but wonderful place.  One might think of Tolkien’s Elves in the Lord of the Ring Series but I am thinking the real we will talk about next Alfheim.  That said there is something mysterious about this realm because we know so little about it.  It speaks very well of nature’s nature.

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I have been hiking enough to feel this type of mystery where even an old familiar path can surprise you with something new. An event that took place during a thunderstorm that leaves a fallen limb where none was before. An animal on the path.  There is a wild wonder to it that speaks of Vanaheim.

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In my writing, I have yet to take a character of any type to Vanaheim but I can see its potential as a place of wild wonder, sensuality, nature, and mystery.  And not necessarily always calm and serene.  Thunder, snow, and rain are part of nature and so part of Vanaheim. I suppose in retrospect, I drew much of my inspiration for the Red Tree Grove of The Hedge Wizard of Redberg (now gone) from the imagery it has, but through other sources that were indirect. I will very likely use this idea of a wild natural place of freedom again.  It also presents a contrast between the high point of civilization that is Asgard but the contrast isn’t a war, but both sides of the coin of human experience.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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