Serial Character Idea – Noble Fighter

Happy Thor’s Day!

For my serial on this blog, I have been following up on my idea of using Dungeons and Dragons with a solo system. I want to start with one character and have them work alone for a bit and then add other characters as the serial moves on. The choice of the first character is critical. I need the central catalyst character to be pivotal for the story and for the party’s cohesion. The idea I have had is a fighter but with an interesting backstory and position where adventuring would be something he needs to do. A fighter with a noble background seems the most likely. Fighters have a bad rap of being uninteresting to play you can overcome that by making their character interesting in other ways. In this case, I am creating the source of the party’s adventures. More details are forthcoming.

I still am debating on the name of the serial. I should have more time to work on this once my own place is solidified. I will have a lot more time when the basics of living are in place and more routine.

It should be noted this serial will be very adult for a lot of reasons. This is not written for YA but more for a mature audience. Call it a reaction to my fundamentalist prudish upbringing.

To-Do List: 2-1-23:

  1. World Building for my fantasy serial is more done but I need it put in the same
  2. Diet Plan – Need to get serious about the low salt and carb diet I need going into Spring – with my own pace this should be easier. – I am going with more of the idea of being carb-low and limiting salt intake. I am also looking at focusing on cooking things better as an area of personal growth.

To-Do List 2-2-23:

  1. The apartment is finalized – need to move in over the weekend if possible but when you are single time is all your own.
  2. List of things for the apartment I will need.

I remain.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher.  The Grey Wayfarer.


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