Trying New Things or Die

Happy Mani’s Day!

Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite people to listen to and quote at times. This idea of keeping learning new things or dying is very interesting. The idea of course is there is a great deal of difference between living your life and existing until you are dead. Living involves learning new things and pushing the next horizon – or does it.

I have been listening to a lot of Stoic philosophy and there is a lot of wisdom in being content in the moment. Of not striving for things that you cannot control. This notion of dealing with what you can control and what you cannot is ultimately left to contentment or even passiveness is a Stoic trait and one that is very helpful to me. It keeps me from worrying so much and much more focused on what needs to be done.

That said there are goals that need to be set each day. This is about controlling what I can control and what I need to control and the goals need to reflect that. I still desire to learn, so it’s not time to die yet.

To-Do List: 1-29-23:

  1. Go back to bed at 8am ( I am writing this at 5am) – this is the final effort to get some sleep at the right time. I did manage to shift my sleep pattern mostly. So goal achieved
  2. I need to write a workout plan for a five-day rotation. I really hope it gets warmer by March – I need to start walking again. – I literally forgot this one, but I did go to the gym. My employer has a long hour-long lunch so there are really no excuses for this one.

To-Do List 1-30-23:

  1. I need to write a workout plan for a five-day rotation. I really hope it gets warmer by March (repeat)
  2. Need to move forward with the apartment as much as possible – this goal is contingent on others’ actions so it might be her a while.

I remain.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher.  The Grey Wayfarer.


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