“Exercise and Nutrition” – The Rabyd Skald

Happy Sol’s Day!

Exercise an Nutrition are a large part of my vision points. The issue here is to keep things real and have them be something that I can execute. Overall the vision is of a strong, leaned out body that has a good deal of endurance and overall health.


Stretching – Flexabilty is soemthing I place a daily importance on as it is the first thing I do after getting up and putting in my contacts so I can see. It also has the aspect of mentally and emotionally starting off stable and meditative leading into the time of looking at virtues and setting my sights on the goals for the day.

Weightlifiting – I have adjusted things a bit here, but it is really always a work in progress. Mostly, I am more of a bodybuilder for health reason so I don’t go too heavy but heavy enough on the last set to bring change. Four sets of 8-10 mostly with a simple split: Chest/Delts, Back/Traps, Biceps/Triceps/ Forearms, Legs. Because I work out at the gym, I go in with a rough idea of the exercises I am going to do but I remain flexable in case the equipment I need is being used by someone else. I know a lot of exercises, so its OK.

Walking – I do a lot of walking at work. That said, I think by doing an hour a day on my days off on top of that might be that little bit that makes things go slightly better. To walk constantly for an hour is a little different than what I do at work.


Nutritionally, my plan is sitll up in the air. There are a few elements I want. Lower carbs, higher protien and an assortment of good fats. I tend toward the Paleo rather than the Keto end of the spectrum but I can see how elements of both are effective and useful. What I might do will be a hybrid of the two that fits my lifestyle and what works for me. Mostly right now, I just want to make weekly changes that get me to where I need to be. One step at a time in the right direction.

I need some lifestyle habits here that stick so doing what works and is enjoyable to me is important.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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