“Viking Philosophy – Part 2 – Be Brave, Be Aggressive” – The Pagan Pulpit

Happy Sol’s Day!


We don’t pray here – we figure God, the gods, goddesses, or whatever powers that be (if any) either know already, don’t give a fuck, or are busy with more important matters than our petty stuff. We also kind of assume that they expect us to do stuff that we can do for ourselves and that we will do them ourselves and not be lazy. We also believe in being good friends, so we don’t presume on our friendship with the powers that be by asking them all the time for stuff while giving them nothing in return.

We also don’t take an offering here.  We figure the powers that be probably don’t need it.  Let’s be honest, offerings are not given to the divine powers, they are given to an organization to support it.  Just being honest. God, the gods or whatever never sees a dime, farthing or peso of that money; it all goes to the church, mosque or shrine.

Theme Song: Norse Gains ‘Viking Gym Mix”




Sermon: ‘Viking Philosophy – Part 2 – Be Brave, Be Aggressive’

There is nothing that perhaps the Vikings are known for more than their aggressive bravery.  Born of their belief that those who died in battle went to Vahallah they were fearless in battle.  There area few points to remember:

  1. Be Direct – Honor does not allow sneaking around when dealing with others – you are as direct as possible.  You may not always tell your plans, but when you do you are straight to it.
  2. Grab All opportunities – Opportunities are not to be wasted but rather grasped and engaged as much as possible Press your advantage.
  3. Use Varying methods of Attack – Be unpredictable, never do things the same way twice.
  4. Be Versatile and Agile – More important than strength is flexibility. Movement is more important than anything to know where and when to strike.
  5. Attack one target at a time – Never divide your efforts, take out each target in turn and then move to the next.  Keep your mass of force on the single task at hand.
  6. Don’t Plan Everything in Detail – The more complicated a plan the more things can go wrong with it.  Keep it simple, direct and aggressive.
  7. Use Top Quality Weapons – Cheapness has no place in one’s weapons.  Weapons that fail at the moment of truth will get you killed. Buy the best you can and maintain them.

In our world, there is still a place for this in how one tackles life. The Brave and Aggressive will always find honor, wealth and prestige.

Parting Thought:


Image may contain: possible text that says 'Now, every time I witness a strong person, I want to know: what dark did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.'

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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