“Writing Notes – Format Change, Plans, Etc.” – The Rabyd Skald

Happy Tyr’s Day

This post is one of those Rabyd Skald’s that is information about some format changes to the blog, a discussion of writing plans and a few other matters.

Blog Changes:

  1. The first thing I want to note is the format change for the posts. I have decided to move the specific title for the post to the front so you can see it first.  My hope is that you can see what the post is about and then you the reader will know better if you are interested in the topic or not. I think the problem is all the titles look alike in many ways so people just skip them.  Even the journal posts usually have some content in them that might be helpful to others.  I am just trying to set what that might be right up front so you as a reader can see it quickly.  Normally, for instance, this pot would have been the title:  The Rabyd Skald – “Writing Notes – Format Change, Plans, Etc.”.  I have simply changed that so it is flipped.
  2. I also am probably going to change the way I tag posts.  There are two issues here “Catagories’ and ‘Tags’. In the case of categories, I have always been of the philosophy to categorize a post as much as possible. That way if a post addresses a topic, it is covered; or if I want to look at the history I have with a topic I can find all posts relating to it quickly. Categories are my filing system along with pages and subpages. I haven’t really how to consider Tagging posts by contrast and I think I am going to start heading in the direction of getting to the core of what a post is about.  That way when a search engine looks for a topic it finds my post based on the core issue it addresses.  There will thus be far fewer tags than categories.
  3. I am considering breaking up the Pagan Pulpit a bit. Mostly I miss talking about music exclusively. I have other posts to talk about poetry and such so I might take out the poetry and music parts from the pulpit and create a separate post for them each week.  This would leave the meditations, text/sermon, parting thought and a few announcements for the pulpit and maybe one song to be a theme setter.  I am thinking a post series called The Skald’s Lyre might be good to discuss music. For poetry I have my own for my poems, I also want to discuss other people’s poems that enjoy so a new post title might be needed there too.  You might see this as early as this coming weekend.
  4. I am working on the next edition of the Rogue Wizard and given that school is over this might be more frequent so you might see it more along with some other fiction.  At least for the summer, this should be true.
  5. One other note on this blog.  I heading in the direction that this blog will be rated ‘older teen’ to ‘young adult’ as far as content.  That is not to say that all the posts will have such content, just that it is a possibility. This means basically there might be few posts about adult subjects and images that contain what would be considered violent or with partial nudity in the theatre. My purpose is not to set up a porn site or anything, just be very real at times when it comes to the subjects of violence, nudity, sexuality, etc. If you’re offended by images of violence and/or nude images of women’s boobs and men and women’s backsides; I am just warning you that you might run into one from time to time.  You have been warned.

Writing Plans:

I have picked the topic for my first non-fiction book and my novel has its basic outline and theme.  The only thing left is to start writing. I want to use this summer to get off to a good start with both. The non-fiction book is heading in the direction of a book about The Bible. I am looking at a subject from my new frame of mind and I think it has the potential to make people think and maybe make some money using my expertise in Bible and Theology.  The novel is going to be the kind of story I want to read.  A sword and sorcery tale at the low to medium power level.  It should be fun to write this novel.

Summer Plans:

My other plans for summer are to do some enjoyable research into Norse Mythology and Viking Culture, look and find a better job using my new degree and consider where I want to go with my education next.  I want to to do some walking and maybe a short day hike or two as well. Just solidifying my routines and moving forward with my life.

Final Note:

With school done for the most part and me being allowed to take a deep breath, I am feeling fairly positive about my future at this point. I still struggle with some things but who doesn’t.  Mostly I just want a fresh start at this point.  A new path to wander and explore.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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