Just a Short Check In

Happy Freya’s Day!

I moved to the third shift last night so morning and evening have new meanings to me. So today is more for me looking at my To-Do lists and seeing where I am, Hopefully, very soon I can settle into my routines.

To-Do List 1-26-23:

  1. Go through the back of my car and organize things and get it so my daily stuff is more usable. – done
  2. Look for apartments closer to work – options needed – done – nothing really closer to work and if there is it is much more expensive than my current option.
  3. Look at needed routines and systems for my life.- preliminaries are done, but I really need to move into a new place before I finalize things.

To-Do List 1-27-23:

  1. Work on the fantasy serial for the blog.
  2. Relax – need this as switching shifts has taken a lot out of me today.

I remain.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher.  The Grey Wayfarer.


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