Finally Home (This Blog’s Future)

Happy Mani’s Day!

I have been out for a while but that is been because I have been moving from Texas to Michigan and that has occupied most of my time. I made the long drive back home over Freya’s Day and Sif’s Day (Friday and Saturday). I pretty much had to deal with things like being in my son’s house the last couple of days, so finally, here I am with enough time to write and a good wifi connection to do so. Odin’s avatar has returned to the north and planted his feet in the snow (literally). Now I need to discuss the future of this blog.

I have long had a problem with trying to journal offline. The Grey Wayfarer has been that for me on many occasions. I am not much of a secret thoughts journal person. But here there is the additional problem of inspiration. Sticking with it and doing boring things to get good results has been my problem. I have looking for ways to be a person who journals because I know that leads to better results as a person. The facts are pretty clear on this. Then I did a simple search of how to be more effective at journaling and got some good ideas. The ones I think I am going to implement here are: 1) Write what you think/feel that day. 2) Find the best time to journal for you. 3) You need some things that are consistent but don’t make a huge to-do list. A short that is actually finished is better than a long list where you don’t do much.

How does this affect this blog?

  1. I am not going to have a set list of what I a going to write that day. I am going to try to write each day, but what I write will, for the most part, be varied except for what I am going to talk about in a minute that will appear at the end of every blog. But it might be a poem, a part of a short story, or just some thoughts about a certain subject. But it will be what is on my mind instead of trying to force a certain schedule.
  2. My best time to journal is actually right away in the morning. The first thing I do that day tends to be the best thing. It also is important for another reason.
  3. I think my problem with my to-do list is that I always make it too long. I think it is probably going to make it better if I focus on 2-3 things and make sure they get done than any other way. For this blog, it means that at the end of each article for the day I will post the To-Do List from the previous day to see how I did, but then make the one for that day as well.

I hope this makes this journal more effective at the one thing I need the most, establishing a sense of purpose for myself, and chronicling my journey as The Grey Wayfarer.

Thanks to all of you that follow me through thick and thin. You keep me hopeful.

I remain.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher.  The Grey Wayfarer.


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