Memorial Day

Happy Mani’s Day!

For those of us who live in the USA, Memorial Day is pretty sacred as far as national consciousness. It’s a day to remember those who have fallen and died in our wars. To honor their sacrifice of life for the freedoms we enjoy today.

For me, it is also a day to remember those who died that served. They didn’t necessarily die in combat but they spent part of their life serving so I still remember them.

My Grandfather, Capt. Edward William Raby was not really my biological grandfather, but he did adopt dad and served as a B-17 pilot in WW2. Not wounded, he did find himself in some very interesting situations that resulted in two distinguished flying crosses. He said it was more of he crashed his plane and the crew survived – twice.

My dad has a less dramatic story to tell. He was a chaffer driver for admirals in Florida and his most memorable moment was the Cuban Missle Crisis of which he was a part. At six-foot, two inches, he must have cut quite a figure in his dress whites with a sidearm. Probably why my mom fell for him.

In any case, I love these two men even though they are gone. To all the honored dead today we lift our mugs and say “Hail, to the honored dead!”

I remain.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher.  The Grey Wayfarer.


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