My Sundays Now

Happy Sol’s Day!

When I was a preacher, Sundays were the most important and busy days of my life. I would rise early to pray (truth needed to get my brain going), get showed, dressed, and start going over the service. It was a day to preach, teach, pray and proselytize. It was how I made my living. It was integral to my faith in the god of the Bible. It was also integral to my livelihood. So, it was usually a full day from start to finish, and especially during times I was working nights – tiring. Sleep was often non-existent. For the day of rest, I often didn’t get any rest, and it was a perpetual state of being tired.

When I walked away things changed. Suddenly, Sundays became free and open. They became restful and peaceful. I still worked at night, but I actually got sleep on Sundays, so I was ready for work the next night and not a zombie. My waking hours on Sunday were actually quite reflective and now that I have a more regular job, this is even more true.

Sundays have become my ‘reset’ button. I clean the apartment, I organize my week, I look at the week ahead and modify my routines, and I rest my mind and body. It actually is more of a day of rest than when I was a preacher. Ironic.

Sunday is important. In a far different way than was before. It’s the day I take a deep breath. It’s the day I pause the show, hit the reset button, and then move forward again. It really feels like I am walking along and then stop to get my bearings, correct course, and then keep moving.

I remain.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher.  The Grey Wayfarer.


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