“Changes and The New Lineup” – The Rabyd Skald

Happy Sol’s Day!

I have been struggling during my hiatus with direction – my life I feel is about two thirds on track, there is really only one big thing there and it’s not something to write about as it is very personal.  The other thing is how I spend my time and this blog.  While important to me, it does drain some of my time and I do need to justify it or need to be more efficient with the time spent on it.  My priorites need ot shift and if all goes well, my life will be dramatically different come September.

To do this I need time to work on a certification I need, and a lot of time is required for that and I need for this blog to be streamlined and a little more brief with its posts so I am not spending a lot of time on them.  Two things then need to happen with The Grey Wayfarer: 1. The Lineup needs to change so their are less posts. 2. The nature of the posts needs to be trimmed down and streamlined to allow ease of writing.

There is also a want – I want ot start writing creatively as this provides the best therapy for my troubled mind. It also can be time consuming. But not when I am inspired so creative posts need to have an optional nature to them.  With this want is another want which is to discovery of my muse again – finding the inspiraiton I need ot write creatively, regularly.

The New Line Up:

  1. Mani’s Day – Skald Tales and Poems – I am going to start writing a poem or short story for every Mani’s Day.  Mostly for a creative break each week.  The stories will run a full gambit of genres.
  2. Odin’s Day – Of Wolves and Ravens (Odin’s Eye) – Taking a topic from my philosophy rotation and discussing it.
  3. Frigg and Freya’s Day – Freya’s Chambers – I will continue my discussions of sex, sexuality and nudity in art every Freya’s Day but I will basically be discussing what I want to discuss each week.  I will continue the Pinup of the week feature with a short discussion of each one and why it either inspired or resonated with me.

Yes, That’s it.  I have removed the journal posts for the time being, becasue I am going to keep my personal life more private for a bit as I am playing things close to the vest these days.  I have two focuses. 1. To finish my certification so I can start my new career and starting my new career.

For those of you who might miss The Pagan Pulpit I would recomend my YouTube Channel The Rabyd Atheist, then you can actually hear me speak twice a week on various topics. The Rabyd Skald and The Grey and The Wayfarer will appear as needed.

I remain,

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard, and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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