The Grey Wayfarer (Fantasy Serial) – Introduction

Odin 007

I take a lot of cues on my reasons for writing from Science Fiction author Robert Heinlein and a few other quotes I have heard about writing over the years.  Mostly the issue is what will have the greatest effect non-fiction or fiction?  There is a three-fold reason I write. 1) To make people think, 2) To entertain people and 3) If possible make money.  Most of you familiar with Robert Heinlein’s work will see I stole his reasons for writing but I have them in reverse order.  That is probably why I am a broke writer.  There is also the fact that in an introduction to one of his books another author pointed out that Heinlein learned early in his career that lecturers get ignored but storytellers got the nice chair, a cold drink to wet their tongue and an attentive audience. A good story-teller could make you remember his philosophy woven in a yarn far quicker than the philosopher could make you remember his spoken in a lecture.

It is this philosophy of writing fiction that guides me and motivates me to tell good stories with meaning.  Stories with solid themes.  My eldest son has remarked in the past that he prefers non-fiction to fiction but at the same time he once said that Jane Eyre was one of the finest books he had ever read. Like it or not even the most practical minded of us will stop for a good story and we will remember it and its lessons long after we have forgotten all other things.  This is why and how I write fiction.

The Grey Wayfarer Serial Series is fantasy fiction.  It is also designed to be an allegory of sorts to illustrate points that I will make during the week at times in other posts.  Themes and symbols are important.  It is also designed to be entertaining and to make you think.  Whether it makes me money, well…at least it meets two of my three reason I write.  That is enough.

The main character of this story is actually from our world.  A fairly normal man who finds himself much like the Pevensive children in The Chronicles of Narnia, pulled into a world that is both strange and fantastic to him.  Much like many of my main characters, much of who they are reflects my own character and personality with some differences to create the story.  I don’t want to give away much more than that.  Much will be shown to you the reader as you read.

I will however make this note about the world he will find. 1) It is a world that reflects the world of Norse Mythology. 2) The people, creatures, gods and goddess of that mythology are very real and walk that world and will both interfere with and help our hero. 3) There will be many other things that are very Viking like in that world.

If you have read The Grey Wayfarer from my other blog there will be some similarities but with one important difference.  This will NOT be a reflection of my life that week.  I am steering away from that aspect completely.  My main goal is to entertain and make you think, not reveal my personal life.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Rabyd Skald – Wandering Soul, Bard and Philosopher. The Grey Wayfarer.


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